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It makes me genuinely sad who little I care about Doctor Who now.


I want a movie about a kid who just so happens to be born a Classic Gothic Hero, but in modern day. His name would be like Byron Dangerfield or something. 

Whenever he has EMOTIONS, there are claps of thunder and lightning. Every time he leans against a piece of furniture, it turns out to open a secret passageway leading to some dark secret, until eventually he’s just like “REALLY, GUYS?” All bad dreams are prophetic, even if it’s just that Starbucks will be out of pumpkin spice syrup the next day. Every girl he talks to swoons a lot and has a tyrannical heavy-browed father who are all played by the same actor. Ravens flock around him.

There are inexplicably paintings with moving eyes and moving suits of armor everywhere he goes, even McDonalds. Every time he moves to a new apartment, there is ALWAYS a screaming woman chained up in the room above his, and she invariably sets the place on fire. He’s so over it.

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Olivier, on scoring his first goal for the France national team

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Jane of Sea of Shoes

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I can’t decide if Taylor or Nikki’s reaction is better

Nikki tho

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Max, French Bulldog, Washington Square Park, New York, NY

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Alexander McQueen Ready to Wear S/S 2011.

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like. a short list of ideas for hollywood:

  • all-girl diamond heist operation
  • all-girl detective drama
  • all-girl mafia
  • all-girl motorcycle club
  • all-girl political conspiracy thriller
  • all-girl drug empire wars
  • all-girl superhero league
  • all-girl deep sea diving team
  • all-girl fuckin crayon factory i literally do not give a shit
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