"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood …"

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YOU DEMANDED IT! Check out the full-length official trailer for Dear White People before it hits theaters this weekend. 


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get to know me meme — [1 / 5] favourite female characters →  Anne Shirley

'People laugh at me because I use big words. But if you have big ideas, you have to use big words to express them, haven't you?'

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All my checks will…

bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce.

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RAMI KADI Le Gala Des Mystères Collection pt. 2

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The fall of Icarus - by René Milot

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but why does sirius black have prison tattoos in the prisoner of azkaban movie? is there a strong prison culture in azkaban? did he find a non death eater or two to bond with? he literally has tattoos on each of his fingers what did he do over those 12 years do they have movie nights and crazy high jinx involving contraband what exactly happens in azkaban 

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RAMI KADI Les Jardins Suspendus Collection

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